Are any Taifun products free of gluten?

  • 16 Apr 2021

The following products in our portfolio are made without added gluten (wheat protein). Products marked with an asterisk (*) contain oats. Oats are naturally gluten free, but because they are often stored or transported near wheat, they may contain traces of gluten.

  • Tofu Natur
  • FETO Natural
  • Silken Tofu
  • Tofu Curry-Mango
  • Tofu Basilico
  • Tofu Rosso
  • Tofu Olive
  • Tofu Curcuma
  • Tofu-Terrine Graffiti
  • Tofu-Filets Japanese Style, Wild Garlic and Pizza-Pizza
  • Grill Sausages*

Gluten in soy sauce

Other tofu specialities contain only soy sauce that contains gluten. The gluten content of the kind of soy sauce we use (shoyu) may be deemed negligible since it is produced by blending and fermenting soybeans and cracked wheat. Most of the gluten gets broken down through the fermentation process. A laboratory analysis has shown that the gluten content of our soy sauce lies below the detection limit.

We therefore consider the consumption of tofu products like our classic Smoked Tofu that only contain shoyu and no grain with gluten to be generally safe for people with gluten intolerance. However, since there are various degrees of sensitivity, we recommend testing first to see if one has any reaction to the trace amount of gluten. These products are not suitable for consumption by people with coeliac disease.

Shoyu rounds out the taste of many of our products with its mild and distinctive flavour. By contrast, other soy sauces such as tamari that contain no gluten have a somewhat tart flavour that does not well suit our traditional recipes. Since we wish to offer our customers with coeliac disease a broader selection, we have decided to use tamari rather than shoyu when designing new products.

May contain traces of...

Our production facilities are not entirely free of gluten since we use various raw materials that contain gluten. Although we thoroughly clean our equipment between production lines, we cannot fully guarantee that our processed products do not contain trace amounts of gluten. Another reason is that we have limited influence over upstream processes such as the transport of raw materials.