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  • A very special basil oil is manufactured specifically for our “Tofu Basilico”.
    A very special basil oil is manufactured specifically for our “Tofu Basilico”. 2/2
How we make tofu

We make no compromises

Since we aim to make the best tofu, we follow a strict policy

  • 16 Feb 2021
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Tofu has to taste good. Otherwise, there would be no joy in eating healthy and eco-friendly meals. With this in mind, we have perfected our tofu-making skills since the beginning of the 1980s, and by now we have mastered the process. Day by day, we follow the routine with care, confidence and finesse to create the incomparable flavours of our tofu specialities.

Based on the best beans

We know exactly when a soybean will produce the best tofu. That’s because we are actively involved from the start: We supply seed that was developed and propagated by Taifun to the organic farmers who cooperate with us to grow tofu soybeans in their fields.

Our selection of ingredients plays another great role. Taifun tofu specialities contain only the finest raw plant materials sourced from certified organic, GMO-free farms. Around 70 different ingredients, including herbs, vegetables and shoyu, are behind the special flavours and diverse range of Taifun tofu products. Should a raw material fail to meet our stringent quality criteria, we are fully willing to redevelop it from the ground up. Cultivating basil is but one example.

An abundance of possibilities for creative cuisine

We bring great taste to the table through our recipes and tofu tips. There’s a trove of proven recipes developed by our employees, a constant stream of culinary ideas from associated bloggers and cooks, and new creations from our canteen. We love to show our customers the versatility of tofu so that it can become a firm part of their culinary repertoire.