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Taifun and the Nutri-Score

  • 06 Jan 2021

The new Nutri-Score label is meant to help consumers select healthy food by rating the nutritional value according to a simple graded colour scale.

»We welcome the idea of providing comprehensive and transparent information about ingredients and nutritional value.«
Valentin Jäger, Head of Quality Management

But we find that the new label in its present form is not fit for purpose. The Nutri-Score fails to take the particular qualities of organic food into account and disregards many aspects that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

For example, use of natural ingredients and purposeful avoidance of harmful additives and auxiliary inputs have no bearing on the score. Likewise, neither the production of raw materials in a manner that conserves resources, which is routine in the organic food sector, nor regional origin nor animal welfare factor into the evaluation. Moreover, constituent substances are assessed in an unnuanced fashion. Seemingly harmful nutritional values can quickly lead to a bad score while many valuable nutritional components such as mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins are not considered.

By making tofu products, Taifun contributes to a balanced and sustainable diet. We support every means of providing consumers with comprehensive and reasonable information. But before this label becomes mandatory, the Nutri-Score algorithm needs adjusting.