We gently smoke our tofu

  • 18 Feb 2021

In the past, people smoked foods to improve shelf life; nowadays we do it just for the delicious taste.

At Taifun, we only use the gentle friction smoke process for our tofu. Because it involves a comparatively low temperature, this smoking process generates the least amount of hazardous substances.

This is how it works: A metal gear rubs against a piece of beech wood until a temperature between 300 and 400°C is reached. The resulting smoke fills the smoking chamber to give our Smoked Tofu and Tofu-Wiener sausages their delicate smoky flavour. Moreover, the friction smoker is a zero-emissions system. Incidentally, traditional wood-fired smoker ovens that are used to smoke sausages, cheese and the like operate at temperatures of up to 800°C.