Why is Taifun Tofu so hard to get right now?

High demand leads to empty refrigerator shelves and disappointed tofu fans

  • 14 Apr 2021
  • LC

You probably know the feeling: You’re approaching the refrigerated section full of anticipation, only to find that your favourite Taifun product is sold out. Yet again. Other Taifun products have been completely absent from the shelves for quite some time, and you’re hoping for their return.

“What is going on?” you may well ask yourself. The good news is: Taifun is still producing. We are working around the clock to make soybean curd for your favourite tofu, press it into form and deliver our products to the shops. They are flying from the shelves because the demand for our tofu specialities has grown staggeringly high, especially since restaurants and canteens have been closed and a lot more food is being cooked at home.

On the bright side, this also means that more and more people are following more sustainable, vegetarian diets – which ultimately benefits everyone.

But it also means that the demand has outstripped our production capacity, and we can’t deliver as fast as the retailers are ordering. Which means that you often leave the organic shop disappointed and empty-handed. We very much regret this.

And we are continuously striving to increase our capacity. We have already acquired a new production hall and are readying it for manufacturing tofu. Such developments take time, and we ask you to please bear with us.