Why is Taifun Tofu so hard to get right now?

Products missing in the refrigerated section

  • 02 Sep 2023
  • BS

You’ve probably been there before: You’re in the grocery store, eagerly approaching the refrigerated section, only to find that your favourite Taifun product is missing. Not again, you sigh. What’s going on? The good news is: Taifun is still producing! We work around the clock to make soybean curd, press it into form, package our products and deliver them to the shops.

This past May we opened our new production plant and have been producing tofu there. We now produce our tofu in two buildings. We’re still experiencing some difficulties in coordinating between the two sites, which has limited our output. Construction work at our main plant has also slowed us down, and it will continue until the end of the year.

Is your favourite tofu missing?

In order to increase the availability of certain products we have temporarily stopped the production of other ones. These will return as soon as we have the capacity.

Taifun is evolving, and at a time of societal change and growing demand for a plant-based diet. Such developments take time, so we ask for your patience, and especially for your understanding and loyalty. We are truly sorry that you sometimes leave the organic shop disappointed and empty-handed. We are working hard on finding solutions.