How we make tofu

Ingredients at Taifun

Organic and as fair as possible

  • 01 Jul 2023

We often talk about soy on our website because it is our most important ingredient. However, the organic raw materials that we use for refinement - from basil and vegetable oil to beech wood for smoking - are also decisive for the character of many of our tofu specialities.


Our colleague Beate from Purchasing keeps an eye on every single ingredient and makes sure that they fulfil our requirements. To this end, she keeps in touch with our current 40 suppliers and looks for new ones if we need an ingredient for a new product that we have not previously used. We have been working with many of our partners for years. As with soybeans, social standards in the supply chain are important to us in addition to quality and we are working to further improve them. In 2021, we developed an internal key performance indicator to measure our progress.

Eine Mitarbeiterin von Taifun prüft den Geruch eines Öls für die Produktion.
Subtle nuances can be decisive for the flavour of our tofu.