The mighty coriander seed

What rounds out the taste of our Grill Sausages?

  • 09 Apr 2021
  • LC

What rounds out the taste of our Grill Sausages? It’s the many spices that we blend into the tofu mixture. One of them is homegrown coriander from the Middle Rhine Valley in Germany.

We use it to give our Grill Sausages their mildly spicy flavour. We’ve selected a special variety of this singular spice: winter coriander. Its seeds are darker and have a stronger, more aromatic taste than the usual coriander seeds.

A delicate herb

Our winter coriander gradually grows and unfolds its full flavour under the watchful care of Alfred Hammann, an expert herbalist. The experienced farmer produces a variety of organic herbs on seven hectares of his farm in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. He is famed for his coriander. Cultivating coriander takes a great deal of time and attention. Like many herbs, coriander is sensitive to weather changes: Too much precipitation or a drought may not only lower the yield, but also negatively affect the quality and taste of the delicate plants.

Good products come of close partnerships

Before we season our products with coriander, the seeds are ground to a fine powder. This is performed by Heuschrecke Naturkost, an organic supplier that has dependably delivered the spice to Taifun for years. Our companies share more than a passion and appreciation for high-quality, delicious organic raw materials: Just like Taifun’s commitment to regional soybean cultivation, Heuschrecke promotes local agriculture and provides many small organic farms like Alfred Hammann’s with a steady income.