Why are some products not available?

Why are some products not available?

Black Forest Tofu and Tofu Cocktail-Sausages back in the shelves from summer 2021

This is due to the high demand and our limited production capacity: The vegetarian market is currently growing very strongly and despite all our efforts we cannot grow at the same pace.

The corona measures have given an additional boost to the demand for our products by eliminating out-of-home catering. And the demand for Taifun Tofu continues to grow, especially for the Smoked Tofu range, which includes Black Forest Tofu. This also has an impact on our Tofu Cocktail-Sausages.

In order to maintain our ability to supply, the Black Forest Tofu, as well as the Tofu Cocktail-Sausages unfortunately must be paused until summer 2021.

Although we have now found a solution to the quality fluctuations that were initially the reason for the production pause of Black Forest Tofu, we are still working on it. However, if we reintroduce Black Forest Tofu into our portfolio now, we would reach our limits with other (smoked) products. Sometimes we cannot predict developments in this form.

We also miss these two products very much and promise to bring them back on the market in any case. We are thankful for your patience and your understanding. Until then, please try our other tofu specialties.

LC/Oct 20