Social Commitment

Social Commitment

High-quality products, a fair treatment of each market operator as well as treating nature and its resources with due care are our main goals. Therefore, we take on responsibility with each piece of tofu we produce.

Commitment to our customers
Our company is guided by the needs of our customers. We want to offer high-quality products and services at a fair price. We are a fair partner and set the standard that each participant in our business transactions comes out a winner.

Commitment to the company
A close bond with our staff is very important to us. Our employees play an essential role in the overall succes of Taifun and therefore we wish to give back to them. The needs of our employees, such as the preservation of their health and social claims, are part of our commitment. Furthermore, we support professional and personal training and organise seminars where we can all learn together. Events such as staff outings or the Taifun running festival strengthen respect and tolerance amongst each other. This leads to a healthy work climate which is reflected, for instance, in our cantine lunch area.

Agricultural commitment
We are actively involved in organic soy cultivation alongside our farmers. Together, we have created the foundations for regional cultivation of tofu soybeans. Moreover, our contract farming guarantees fair producer prices, competent support, the exchange of experiences and a lively approach to the products that originate from the crops.

Social commitment
The social dimensions of our actions are essential to us − in the sense of the original meaning of the word "social", roughly meaning "directed towards the group".
Attached, you can find a brief outline displaying the fields in which we exercise our social responsibility.

The Taifun-Tofu GmbH currently supports:

Food donations on a regular basis go to:

Furthermore, one-time food donations are made by us to various organisations each month.

Additionally, we are members of:

Last update: November 2019