Silken Tofu in Demeter quality

Silken Tofu in Demeter quality

Traditionally Japanese in Demeter quality. Soft and creamy with a fine texture. Perfect in soups, sauces or as a dessert.

We recommend

To open the packaging, it is best to cut along the inside of the packaging edge with a sharp pointed knife. Remove the top foil and tip the Silken Tofu onto a plate.


Water, SOYA BEANS** 21%, coagulating agents: magnesium chloride.

** bio-dynamically grown

Nutritional valuein 100 g (average)
Energy209 kJ (50 kcal)
Fat2,3 g
of which saturates0,6 g
Carbohydrates1,9 g
of which sugars< 0,5 g
Protein5,2 g
Salt< 0,01 g