Silken Tofu-vegetable soup

Silken Tofu-vegetable soup

So good you'll want to lick the bowl
Silken Tofu-vegetable soup


Cut the bell pepper into strips, the carrots into sticks and the spring onions into fine rings. Chop garlic and ginger and stew everything in a pot, using oil. Bring to boil with vegetable stock.

Add a good pinch of cayenne, the glas noodles and soya bean sprouts and let everything simmer.

Cut the Silken Tofu into cubes and place carefully into the broth. Let it marinate a while. Season with shoyu and serve in soup bowls.

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serves 4
400 gTaifun Silken Tofu
1bell pepper, red
4spring onions
1garlic clove
1ginger (approx. 2 cm)
1 ¼ lvegetable stock
1 pinchcayenne
1 handfulglas noodles
1 handfulsoya bean sprouts
somesoya sauce (shoyu)