Chocolate dream with Silken Tofu

Chocolate dream with Silken Tofu


Finely grate the baking chocolate or chop it with a knife. Melt half in a bain-marie. Add the other half and turn off the stove. This will keep the chocolate from getting too hot. Meanwhile, let the Silken Tofu drain in a colander.

In a bowl, mix the Silken Tofu and vanilla sugar until smooth. Slowly mix in the melted chocolate.

Whip the soy cream, ideally straight from the fridge, with a whisk or hand mixer until stiff peaks form. Blend starch and icing sugar and add to the cream while mixing for a smooth, stiff consistency.

Gently fold the whipped soy cream into the chocolate mass. Divide the mousse into 4 bowls and let rest in the fridge for at least 60 minutes.

Serve with fresh berries (optional).

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Serves 4
400 g Silken Tofu
120 g vegan dark semisweet baking chocolate, at least 70% cocoa
10 g vanilla sugar
200 ml soy cream (cold)
5 g starch
10 g icing sugar
For garnish: fresh berries

We recommend

For an exotic note, dust the mousse with a hint of ground, black long pepper.