Tofu Sausages for Frying and Cooking

These legendary Grill Sausages are one of our most popular tofu sausages. With a delicate peppery note, to fry or throw on the barbecue.

Vegan tofu grill sausages with delicious herbs. Also tasty cold as a quick snack.

Tofu Grill Herb Sausages are a seasonal product that is only available during the summer months. Find more information here.

Our famous Tofu Cocktail-Sausages. Kids love them. Ideal for parties.

Currently unavailable. They should be back on the shelves in spring 2020. Find more information here.

Simply heat in a hot water bath for three to four minutes. Excellent also in soups and stews. Enjoy them hot or cold!

Smoked Tofu sausages with plenty of bite! For frying and grilling, delicious with brown sauce and fried onions.