Tofu Filets & Cutlets

Tofu-Filets Japanese Style

As customary in Japanese cuisine, this product is deliberately left in its simple and natural state. The seasoning is subtle and underlines the distinctive taste of tofu.

Tofu-Filets Pizza-Pizza

Tasty and simply terrific. Bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and oregano are the prominent ingredients for these irresistible Tofu-Pizza-Filets.

Tofu-Filets Oregano

Hearty filets with an edge! The subtle smoky flavour harmonises perfectly with the savoury oregano, the crunchy sunflower seeds and the light onion flavor.

Tofu-Filets Wild Garlic

A must for all those who love this wild vegetable. The fresh wild garlic gives these cutlets their unique taste.


A classic among the cutlets. Tofu and spelt combined in a tasty combo.

Tofu Cutlets Green Spelt-Hazelnut

A hearty-savoury cutlet with crisp green spelt, pieces of hazelnut and herbs de Provence.

Tofu-Rice-Burger "Curry/Pineapple"

A light and fluffy cutlet with fruity pineapple and mild curry. An extraordinary combination with tofu and rice.