Mediterranean & Specialities

A mild tofu specialty with exotic seasonings featuring today’s most popular spice: turmeric. The nuances of turmeric blended with the fresh flavour of bell pepper and an exotic hint of black cumin.

Select Greek green olives give this tofu its natural and distinct character. 22 % olives, fine herbs, sea salt and a dash of lemon – a clear and simple taste, yet full of flavour!

This Italian tofu speciality was once the hit of the year of the "Biofach" and is one of our most popular products to date.

Taifun Tofu Basilico is full of fresh herbs, accented with a subtle basil taste. This savoury basil flavour is commonly used in hot and cold Mediterranean dishes.

An ingenious combination of curry with chunks of mango and a subtle hint of ginger and spicy chili. A real eye-catcher due to its curried yellow color.