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Nutrition physiology und dietetics

Tofu fits perfectly into a balanced diet. It contains many essential amino acids. Its nutritional value is higher when combined with cereals. The range of amino acids contained in tofu and in cereals complement each other perfectly, making the protein ideally obtainable for the body. The particular strength of tofu lies in its neutrality: by adding ingredients and seasoning, tofu can take on any desired flavor and its texture adapts to any style of cooking.

Taifun quality has a solid foundation: We use optimal raw materials that − as far as possible − come from certified organic farming.

All of our products are purely plant-based.

Lactose- and galactose-free
All Taifun-Tofu products are 100% vegan and therefore free of lactose and galactose.

Which Taifun-Tofu products are gluten-free?
Some of our tofu products contain oat flour, wheat flour or wheat protein and are therefore not suitable for those suffering from coeliac disease. Although oats are naturally gluten-free, they are often stored or transported near wheat and can therefore contain traces of gluten. Rice or corn, on the other hand, are gluten-free.

The following products from our range are produced without the specific addition of gluten (wheat protein). Products marked with an asterisk (*) contain oats.

Furthermore, please note that several products, that are not listed here, contain shoyu (soy sauce), which is made from soy and wheat. However, the gluten content in the end product can be classified as low, because soybeans and wheat meal are fermented during the production of shoyu, whereby a large part of the gluten is already broken down.

As there can always be minimal cross-contamination with the other raw materials during harvesting, cleansing or storage of agricultural products, Taifun-Tofu GmbH cannot provide a 100% guarantee that the above stated products are completely free from minimal traces of gluten. Nonetheless, we do everything in our power to ensure the highest possible level of purity of our raw materials.

Applied coagulating agents
Taifun only uses nigari (magnesium chloride) that is gained from sea water as well as high-purity calcium sulfate. Both coagulating agents are used in all tofu products with the exception of Silken Tofu.

Yeast extract
We use a wide range of high-quality ingredients for the production of our tofu specialities. To some of our products, a small amount of vegetable stock is added which contains yeast extract. We use this ingredient as it contributes to a well-rounded flavour. The amount of yeast extract in our tofu products, however, is limited to a maximum of 1 %.

The glutamic acid contained in our organic yeast extract and its salt, the glutamate, develop naturally. At Taifun, we do not use synthetically produced glutamate, only natural glutamate in low concentrations. For example, rough calculations have revealed that 100 grams of Tofu Filets Japanese Style contain only 25 mg, therefore 0,02 % glutamic acid. Accordingly, these Tofu Filets and most of our products contain less glutamate than a number of products found in nature such as cereal, tomatoes and mushrooms!

100 grams of tofu contain around 40 milligrams of purine, about the same amount as you would find in 100 grams of wholegrain wheat or rye bred. The amount is considered low.

In order to provide you with the highest possible degree of transparency, our ingredients are fully specified on our labels. This is also the case for the collective terms herbs and spices, the compound ingredient vegetable stock and for soy sauce.