New changes to Taifun’s product portfolio

New changes to Taifun’s product portfolio

February 2020

Now that more and more people have chosen to eat more consciously and are striving for a climate-friendly diet, our tofu specialities are flying off the shelves. Despite our best efforts, we can’t match the pace at which the vegetarian market is developing. We prioritise growing our business sustainably, with an eye to the long term. That way we can maintain our customary Taifun quality and remain true to ourselves. In order to keep a steady supply available to retailers and loyal fans like you, we are modifying our product portfolio:

  • The production of our Tofu Cocktail-Sausages will be paused until the end of March 2020.
  • Our Tofu Grill Herb Sausages have become a seasonal product. This means that they are temporarily unavailable now, but will return in time for barbecue season.
  • We have regretfully ceased production of our Tofu Puszta-Wiener.

Production of our popular Black Forest Tofu has been on pause for other reasons: In the past several weeks there have been variations in quality with regard to consistency, and the source of the problem has been hard to identify. Unfortunately, we are temporarily unable to make this smoked product. We are working on a solution and expect to have Black Forest Tofu back on the shelves after the Easter holidays!

Thank you for your understanding and your love of tofu!