Changes to Taifun’s product portfolio

Changes to Taifun’s product portfolio

Spring 2019

Is there such a thing as a ‘Greta Thunberg effect’? We think there might be. Demand for our tofu products has steadily increased since the autumn of 2018. More and more people want to eat more consciously and consider tofu to be part of a sustainable and climate-friendly diet. From the very beginning, we have aimed to help make this world a better place through our tofu. Yet the constant high demand has outstripped our production capacity, leading to missing products in the refrigerated section and disappointed tofu fans. We have responded to this situation.

A clear and attractive range of products
We have taken several steps to increase and optimise our production. That includes closely analysing our product portfolio. The good news: Our popular Tofu-Filets Pizza-Pizza and Tofu Olive are back. These round out our range of tofu specialities and ensure that there is a good selection with plenty of variety in the refrigerated section. Our classic Tofu natur in 400 g packages has been retired for the rest of the year, but will be available again in January 2020. However, we were forced to part with a few of our products this spring, including Tofu-Filets Oregano and Tofu-Spelt-Cutlets. Neither of those products will return.

We strive to grow in a carefully considered manner.
Taifun tofu is so good and so popular due to the skill and care that many people devote to our products every day. To us, healthy growth not only involves selecting capacities and machinery with diligence, but also interacting with our customers, suppliers and employees with respect. And always being a trustworthy partner. That’s what we mean by living our values and running our business sustainably.

May 2019