Green & socially responsible

Tofu – building a livable tomorrow, block by block

Asian tofu masters took the humble soybean and created a product that delivers a valuable source of plant protein. Soybeans, water and a coagulating agent – that’s all it takes to make plain tofu.

Simple, and ingenious. More than 30 years ago this was a revelation to Wolfgang Heck, one of Taifun’s founders: He predicted that the provision of high-quality protein would be a key challenge for the future of our planet, and he saw the soybean as one solution.

This solution is good for the environment for several reasons

Tofu makes the valuable protein of the legume easily digestible for human beings. Furthermore, tofu soybeans are usually sustainably and organically grown. At Taifun, we refrain from using any genetically modified seed. Instead, we develop and propagate organic seed that is ideally suited to cultivation in European fields and delivers beans of the highest quality. All of our soybeans are grown by organic farmers in Germany, Austria and France. This reduces transport distances and conserves resources.

Yet another benefit: Soybean cultivation is good for the soil

Thanks to its little root nodules, the legume fixes nitrogen from the air. It essentially fertilizes itself, and it leaves valuable nutrients in the soil. Soybean plants loosen the soil with their deep roots, preparing the ground for the next crops to be grown on the same field in the following year. Organic soil management greatly improves and maintains the health of the soil. That’s why we always source our other raw materials from organic growers.

It is equally important to us to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint during the manufacturing of our tofu specialities. To find out what concrete measures we take, see: “The smallest possible ecological footprint”